Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Flawless Composition Of A Thesis And Research Paper

Writing can be more accurately explained by an American author Gene Fowler’s quote, ‘Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.’ Hope that it does not scare each and every one of you away! So what goes into writing a research paper? Here are a few guidelines set out for you:

·         Use Times New Roman of size 12 or any other readable font.

·         Double space the text with single sided margins of 1 inch on 8 ½” x 11” papers.

·         Pages should be numbered sequentially.

·         A new section should begin from a fresh page.

·         Stick to the page limits as recommended by your supervisor.

·         Never place a new heading at the end of a page with its text following on the next one.

·         Every figure or table should be confined to a separate page.

·         All the pages of a draft should be submitted in proper order.

·         Make sure to stay focused on the main issues of the research topic.

·         Use simple language with proper articles like a, an, the.

·         Every important idea should begin with a new paragraph, except the abstract.

·         Every paragraph should be indented in its first line.

·         Make a logical sequence of your proposition and present your ideas accordingly.

·         For universal or already established facts, use the present tense of verb in support.

·         Past tense is to be used to record certain results that followed on observation.

·         Keep your tone formal, discrete and objective. Usage of superlatives, jargon or colloquial terms is strictly not done, and if you’re in jam than you can always buy custom research paper rather than facing all the hassle.

·         Avoid redundant data or graphical illustrations and introduce only the information which supports the results of the research and is indispensable.

·         On the title page, mention the names of the authors of the report along with the supervisor’s names and date of submission with other necessary information.

·         Abstract or summary should be of about 200 words or less. The purpose is to clearly state the main logic behind the whole thesis and the conclusion inferred at the end.

·         In the preceding sections, make sure to give proper references and proofs to support your main argument.

·         The conclusion should be well rounded and objective. All the results that are presented are mentioned clearly to illustrate all your findings for this regard you can also get college research papers for sale, to get an idea for your paper as well.

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